Inspiration Board - Our Little Cupcake is Turning One

I can not believe how time flew by... My daughter, Kaylen is turning 1 next month!  I was warned about this and was told by everyone to enjoy every minute because before you know it, they'll be all grown up.  I know she's only turning 1 but seriously, I get so emotional thinking about how quickly this day came.  I still remember clear as day coming home from the hospital with her.  Oh, it's so bittersweet planning her birthday!! But nonetheless, it's a party and I am going full blown party planning mode.  :)
So naturally, we have to have a theme for her party.  I did a lot of research online and decided to go with cupcakes because just like cupcakes, my daughter is so sweet and you just want to eat her!  No, not literally... ;) So here's a little inspirational board for "Our Little Cupcake" birthday theme!


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