Inspiration Board - Our Little Cupcake is Turning One

I can not believe how time flew by... My daughter, Kaylen is turning 1 next month!  I was warned about this and was told by everyone to enjoy every minute because before you know it, they'll be all grown up.  I know she's only turning 1 but seriously, I get so emotional thinking about how quickly this day came.  I still remember clear as day coming home from the hospital with her.  Oh, it's so bittersweet planning her birthday!! But nonetheless, it's a party and I am going full blown party planning mode.  :)
So naturally, we have to have a theme for her party.  I did a lot of research online and decided to go with cupcakes because just like cupcakes, my daughter is so sweet and you just want to eat her!  No, not literally... ;) So here's a little inspirational board for "Our Little Cupcake" birthday theme!

Love is Sweet

The smell of LOVE is in the air and maybe because we are about a week out until that very special holiday called Valentines Day.  I came across these amazing photos on Gabriel Ryan's Blog that he photographed  with many talented artists in the wedding industry.  Enjoy a very special evening with your loved one or create a "Single Awareness" Party with a group of girlfriends over some champagne and bottles of wine. You can be very creative with something over the top or just create a very chic and simple gathering by adding touch of flowers, candles and sweets. Either way love is being around loved ones and friends and of course, Love is Sweet.
Happy Valentines Day!
Love these stripped roses with the red and white combination. 
For more of Gabriel Ryan's photos please visit his blog @

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