Mother's Day Weekend

Normally we like to keep our blog postings related to events or weddings however I would like to take some time a recognize Mother's Day on Sunday. First off I would like to say Happy 1st Mother's Day to Mrs. Stephanie!! Stephanie and Kim welcomed their precious bundle of joy Kaylen to this world on March 16, 2010. Kaylen is loved and spoiled by many and is lucky to have such an amazing Mother and even though Kaylen is only 2 months old she'll soon realize that she is blessed to have such a wonderful mother just as I look up to and admire my mother Christina.

I would give anything to be so tiny and innocent again just like baby Kaylen and have no worries in life, but that is why our mothers are here to guide us, protect us, teach us, and love us. I have no doubt that Stephanie will offer everything in the world plus more to Kaylen just like my very own mother has done for me so far!! I hope to one day be able to raise and cherish a baby of my own and teach him or her everything that my mother has taught me over the years.

To my mother Christina Kelly:

Mother's Day brings to mind
The thousands of things you did for me
that helped make me happier,
stronger and wiser,
because I had you as a role model.

I'm grateful for all the times
you healed my hurts
and calmed my fears,
so that I could face the world
feeling safe and secure.

I'm thankful for all you showed me
about how to love and give--
lessons that now bring
so many blessings to me
each and every day.

Your sacrifices and unselfishness
did not go unnoticed, Mom.
I admire you, I respect you,
I love you.
And I'm so glad you're my mother!

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Happy Mother's Day Stephanie!! I wish you the very best with Kaylen and I know she is in the best hands possible and she is so lucky to have you as her mother!

Love Ya,
Crystal Kelly


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