Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Memorial Day Weekend is the time for all of us to show appreciation to those who have passed away during service. It is also the official kick-off to summer and a perfect opportunity for families to spend a long weekend having fun! From parades to military displays to pool parties and weddings, this weekend will surely be a busy one. The question arises often if having a wedding on a holiday or a holiday weekend is a good idea or not. The idea of it is very tempting for the couple that is searching for an unique and creative wedding ideas. but the question you will have to ask yourself is, is it more or less convenient for your guest to attend a wedding on a holiday? It is very important for the wedding couple to sit down and weigh all the pros and cons before committing to a wedding date during the holidays. So here are some we comparisons we found for you:

  • Prices for wedding halls, catering, disc jockeys, etc. can sometimes be cheaper due to a lack of demand. 
  • It is often easier for the couple and other family members to get time off around the holidays.
  • Often, family members who live some distance away are already planning to come into town for the holidays. 
  • If you get married during holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, or Valentine's Day, the hall you are having the reception in will no doubt have lovely decorations up for your event - free of charge. 
  • People are in the mood to celebrate during the holidays and thus a holiday wedding may be more likely to have a festive atmosphere. 
  • You and your future spouse will be busy during the holidays. Do you want to add a wedding on top of that? 
  • Your families will be extremely busy during the holidays. Are they going to be willing to help with wedding preparations? 
  • Will your guests be available during the holidays? Many people make plans for the holidays a long time in advance and may not like to change them. 
  • If you have a lot of out of town guests, hotels and airfare can be more expensi 
So, what are your thoughts about having a holiday wedding?


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