Every 100 years, the “perfect day” to get married rolls around.  It is estimated that over 25,000 brides have decided to make this unique day their day to wed.  Many Weddzilla couples are tying the knot on this special day too.
Elise Townsend and her husband-to-be, Scott, planned this date over 3 years ago.  ”I always told Elise that she was a perfect 10, so this had to be the day we got married,” Scott told us.  They chose to get married early morning Sunday morning (at 10 am to be exact) in lieu of the traditional afternoon Sunday wedding.  ”It was a good thing we planned ahead, because many of the venues we were looking to book had already been reserved three years out!”
Weddzilla surveyed couples getting married today and found the following:
  • 67% of couples planned to get married on 10/10/10 over 2 years ago
  • 21% of couples said they did it because it was the perfect day
  • 43% of couples said they wanted to marry on 10/10/10 because it was easy to remember
  • 1% of couples said they didn’t realize it was such a special day until after they picked the date
  • 38% of couples were getting married at 10 am, 10 pm or at at a time with :10 in it
Do you know anyone getting married today?